Our Story


Our family is delighted to open our home to the Volunteer Ceylon programmer and provide a safe base for volunteers to help those in need in the local community of Ratnapura.

We believe that the most valuable and enduring gift of help and support to the poor is education, which empowers communities to help themselves, long term, and enables families to raise their children and look after their elders.

Mrs Weerasinghe is involved in many projects in the local area for under privileged families and believes that helping parents to raise and sustain their children to a better future is the best way to ensure that the whole family is cared for.

Our family believes that the key to the way out of the poverty trap is education. But equally, vocational and practical training as well as academic advancement is the key to unlocking the huge potential of the people and guiding them to not only value their own families but to develop a sense of community spirit and establish a set of values and standards in their endeavors, that benefits the whole community.