Helping Elders


Due to the gravity of life, some elders have to be in elders homes at the latter stages in their lives. This happens for various reasons such as difficulty in life for children to take care of their parents as the life has been very tough with present situation.

Then again for various family reasons Children forget their parents and go on with their lives, which is sad.

In some instances the elders may not have children or they have migrated. After all, the sad thing is these elders are isolated in elders homes. Most of these Elders Homes in our area does not have proper facilities for these elders due to financial difficulties. Therefore, we provide a platform for Volunteers to help them in different ways such as providing financial assistance as well as being with them for a week and setting their minds to face the truth in life.

(Community work 6 hours a day 5 days a week) Evening free time.

Weekends – Holyday the volunteer can spend as they like.